Top 3 Shocking Secrets Of Stephen King’s Original IT Movie


IT has finally arrived. Yes, today finally marks the release of the first installment of Mama director Andres Muschietti’s epic R-rated two-part feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s massive novel IT.
Moreover, while we all wait in anticipation to see just what the new Pennywise and the filmmakers have in store for us on this go-around, let’s take a look back at the previous adaptation of King’s magnum opus.
Brought to us over the course of two nights back in November 1990, ABC’s two-part, two-night presentation of Stephen King’s IT still lives on in the hearts and nightmares of the youth of America.
If you’re like us, and the original film was a seemingly unending source of all your waking fears, then join us as we go behind the scenes and expose some of the more shocking secrets of Stephen King’s IT (1990).

Top 1: Alice Cooper Was Also Considered For The Role Of Pennywise

Yes, you could argue that this entry could have been part of the previous entry, but we think the idea of Alice Cooper slapping on the clown suit bears an extra bit of attention.

Truthfully, we’re not too sure just how serious the film’s producers were about casting Cooper as Pennywise, but either way, this makes for a significant bit of trivia.
Seriously, Take a moment and consider what the unpolished diamond would have done with such a meaty role.
Even though we will never get a glimpse of just what theatrics Cooper would have had in store for us with his portrayal of Pennywise, we’re sure we would have loved it to death.

Top 2: Roddy McDowall And Malcolm McDowell Were Considered For Pennywise

Yes, as crazy as it is to think of anyone else donning the red nose and shock-red hair of Pennywise the Dancing Clown other than Tim Curry (or Bill Skarsgard), it turns out that the producers of the 1990 miniseries had a few other actors in mind for the role.

Both Fright Night ‘s Roddy McDowall and A Clockwork Orange ‘s Malcolm McDowell were considered for the position of the now-infamous shape-shifting clown with a series of severe dental issues.
While in the end, it was (thankfully) The Rocky Horror Picture Show ‘s Tim Curry who landed the role of that clown in the sewers, we can’t help but think just how potentially amazing Alex DeLarge (aka Malcolm McDowell) would have filled in for King’s most nefarious villain.
However, still, Curry was more than proficient in the role. No one here is complaining.

Top 3: The Film Premiered the Same Year Bill Skarsgard Was Born

As of the writing of this article, director Andres Muschietti’s feature film adaptation of IT has yet to hit screens.

However, that doesn’t mean there is a single human on the planet at this point who doesn’t think that Swedish actor Bill Skarsgard is genuinely terrifying as the new Pennywise.
However, in a fun piece of trivia to impress your friends with, Skarsgard was born on August 9, 1990, a mere three months before Tommy Lee Wallace’s two-part ABC adaptation initially hit the airwaves.
We can assume that, just like the rest of us, there was a moment in young Bill Skarsgard’s life where someone, probably his older brother Alexander, tricked him into watching a movie with a little boy in a yellow rain slick, chasing his paper boat down a gutter swollen with rain.
Also, that puts a huge smile upon our faces.

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