Top 3 Best Runescape Melee Weapons


Melee weapons fit into many general categories. No type is superior to any other, as they vary in attack style, and speed/damage. In general, weapons of the same tier (eg: Steel) have the same damage per second ratio, with two-handed weapons dealing the combined damage of a one-handed weapon and its off-hand of the same tier.

  1. Drygore Longsword

Best melee weapon currently in RuneScape, with a damage of 1102, and 4957 points of accuracy. When combined with an Off-hand drygore longsword, you can have extreme damage and accuracy. Unfourtunately, this item degrades over time, and must be repaired after 10 hours of combat. It costs 907,500 coins to fully repair this weapon.

Better than a chaotic long sword or chaotic rapier.

I have all skills 99 and I have 7 B and I always use this weapon for all bosses and normal goblins. Goblins to OP!

2. Drygore Rapier

It hits pretty fast and hits really high. The only negative point is that is really expensive. I recommend it with a off-hand drygore rapier because it 2 times better then

Same stats as the long sword other then it has stab and the long sword is slash.

More monsters are weak to rapiers than long sword so they are the better choice, and are probably best on the list.

So much better than d claws!

3. Chaotic Rapier

Fast hitting, high stab, and nice strength bonus make this a nice pick for the #1 spot.

Fast and great offensive effect when combined with a dragon defender

Love this weapon, Very fast stabbing! Awesome/High hit’s

Great damage and accuracy, great for bossing.

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