Top 10 Fastest Rap Songs

  1. Rap God – Eminem


Fastest song of all time

None of you have heard this song before if you think it’s 7th place.

It’s the best and fastest song ever

This is definitely the fastest rap song by far!

2. Break Ya Neck – Busta Rhymes


The ultimate Busta Rhymes song. Next to Look At Me Now.

Fastest ever.

Fast brother

He’s awesome.

3. Worldwide Choppers – Tech N9ne


The only reason Rap God is slightly above this is because of that one verse, Other than that its not even that fast. This song was named Worldwide Choppers for a reason, cause it’s the fastest ever with some of the fastest spitters in human history.

I don’t see how this isn’t tied with Rap God at the very least.

Faster than Rap God FOR SURE

Number one

4. Can You Keep Up – Busta Rhymes


This is faster than I talk. And I talk REALLY fast.

People who vote for rap god are bots

5. Midwest Choppers 2 – Tech N9ne


Better than rap god

It made me cry 

Should be higher then Eminem 

Isn’t even a competition, WWC1 is 1, MWC 2 is 2 and speedom is 3.

6. Mr. Tung Twista – Twista


This is definitely THE FASTEST RAP song.
A lot of people don’t even know this song and instead know only rap god so that is why Rap God is voted as the fastest instead of this one.


It is great 

This is for sure faster than rapGod, with this coming in at 13 sps,
and rap God at 11 sps,

7. Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2) – Tech N9ne


There’s no way it’s this low on the list. Listen to his verse and you’ll see why

Should be way higher on the list, at least top 5

Definitely should be higher on list

Needs to be higher

8. Look at Me Now – Chris Brown


I don’t know whats faster this or rap god 

I love this song, but eminem is faster. 

Busts rhymes is a god 

Busta rhymes mannew

9. B.O.B. – Outkast


Fast, easy to understand, great lyrics. Outkast doesn’t get the credit they deserve. 

Extremely coherent with great content and very far at and smart wordplay 

My baby don’t talk this fast its like really fast 

Rediculously fast, great song

10. Joyner Lucas – Panda Cover


This song is a banger

Who else thinks that this song has fastest verse of all time

Definitely should be first it is so fast! 


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