Top 10 Best Yugioh Cards Ever Released

  1. Slifer the Sky Dragon


It gains 1000 attack for every card in your hand. how could it get any better? 

Can get to an unstoppable fury when you have 10 cards in your hand.

That can be prevented by using the additional rule: Throw away cards if you have more than six. I didn’t make this.

It has the effect to decrease your oppenents monsters ATK and definitely by 2000 points and gains 1000 ATK and definitely for each card in your hand!

Slifer the sky dragon and all the other gods were acyually semi-decent pre-erratta, but after the got their reprints they all lost their viability in competitive play. If you have the pre-errata and you use its original text that’s fine, I just play the game based on the cards most current text. Even if you are using the original text however, these cards are not that hard to beat over. using non-targeting and destroying traps and spells like any of the mirror force card other than normal mirror force can make these things easy to deal with. even by battle you can just use spells and traps to increase attack points. I am just trying to say that the cards on this list for probably the top 25 spots are only good in the original yugioh anime, which makes me assume that the majority of the people who voted for this card have only watched the anime and have not played the actual game and if they have played the card game, they do not use archetype-based decks.

2. Winged Dragon of Ra


It is the coolest card other that slifer the sky dragon and creator of light it a very cool card I have and use it all the time.

I have the Winged Dragon Of Ra, the only problem is that it’s so strong that you can’t use it in a duel but sometimes with my friends we make our rules where the only difference is that divine cards are allowed. Get the card!

You absolutely can use it in a duel, there are just certain copies that can’t be for some reason

I am commenting to dispel rumors and falsehoods about Super Mega Ultra Chicken (The Winged Dragon of Ra).

Ra, as well as the other god cards, are tournament legal. They’ve been tournament legal for quite a while now. The rule is, you have to have the tournament legal versions of the cards.

Ra cannot be Special Summoned. At all. Ever. Under any circumstance.

The Winged Dragon’s effect to pay Life Points in exchange for giving it attack points will only activate on Ra’s Summon. You cannot use this effect at any point after you have Summoned it. Also, you have to pay all but 100 Life Points if you use that effect. This leaves you open to any and all burn cards, including the still somewhat popular Gagaga Cowboy, knocking you out of the game.

The pay 1000 to destroy a card effect is useful, but considering you would have wasted so many cards to play Ra, it defeats the usefulness.

Ra is a card to use if you want to have fun. It is not a good card, though.

Lol this card is absolutely terrible. The anime version is super good, but the real life version? It sucks.

Worthless card, never play it. Waste of deck space.

3. Obelisk the Tormentor


By sacrificing 2 monsters on the field, you can wipe out their entire field of monsters, plus 4000 points of damage inflicted on your opponent! You just can’t beat that!

Safe from card effects and has awesome attack. The other god cards can get destroyed by a spell or trap, but obelisk can’t.

This card is just awesome. I really want to get it off ebay because it is basically unbeatable.

In his current print obelisk is definitely the best of the gods, but he’s still nowhere near the best.

4. Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord


Just amazing effect, would always control high power and if you have 5 exodia pieces in your deck then this cards has just won for u, as well I have 5 pieces of exodia and I’m planning on buying this off ebay as well.

its powerful and has a great effect

I think this is the best card because it’s so powerful.

You do realize that this card has no battle protection. when he’s first summoned, your opponent would only have to attack it and then it would be banished. it also has no card protection. there are cards that are easier to summon, and have more protection. I can see no reason to play this card.

5. Exodia the Forbidden One


Unlike Horakhty, Exodia doesn’t even need to be summoned to win!

I think this card is so beast losers are duelist who hate this card like my friend

Tis card is amazing because when have all 5 pieces in your hand you will have automatic victory

He is one of the best

6. Blue Eyes White Dragon


Kaiba is beast! His deck is awesome and since this card powers it, it is incredible! There are a lot of support cards for it as well, and the Ultimate Dragon is awesome to.

Blue eyes has 3,000 attack, while dark magician has 2,500. they require the same amount of tributes too. Blue eyes should be higher ranked than dark magician.

I win with it all the time

This card isn’t good, it’s support is good. Having 3000 attack doesn’t make a card good, the support is good.

7. Swords of Revealing Light


Easily gotten rid of, not worth playing in any good deck.

Come on who doesn’t like having 3 turns to destroy an oponents monter especially if it’s a powerful one like a god card or a blue eyes. I use it a lot and is great it gives me the chance to get a better monster out.

8. Dark Magician


Gotta love this card! It’s been around ever since the game started! This card is a classic!

H ow is this card not in the top ten. This card is an original and is simple to summon. It has good attack and defense and all around it is the best.

This card in a word is radical. Only thing is since yugioh is evolving, monsters are being created that are too powerful. Though easy to summon, dark magicians power is slowly seeping away because of newer more powerful monsters

Got two there great

9. Storming Mirror Force


This card is awesome any sends back opponents attack to itself

Battle traps are too slow, don’t play this card.

10. 5 Headed Dragon


It almost impossible to beat the 5 Headed Dragon in battle plus if you use future fusion and dragon’s mirror you can instantly summon the 5 Headed Dragon and another one two turns later even if you don’t use the future fusion you can use monsters like montage dragon to send dragons to the graveyard to use the dragon’s mirror later it and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to make a exceptional dragons deck

While hard to summon unless running dragon’s mirror or future fusion, once it’s out on the field it’s literally untouchable. Plus, Summoner of Illusions can special summon it once flip summoned, and then play Monster reborn at your next turn to summon it for another go

Your right 5 headed dragon is the very strongest yu-gi-oh card ever since my deck is made up of dragon type monsters can bring five headed dragon out real soon in a battle every time and I always finish them with five headed dragon thanks for reading by

Hard to beat

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