Top 10 Best Top Lane Champions In League of Legends

  1. Riven


She does a lot of damage and she has 2cc

I main her and she is the best. Exciting gameplay, awesome skins, balanced abilities and a very interesting lore!

My main boys and girls 

She never gets boring. Always fun, very mobile, high burst, high CC, and can a lot of damage.

2. Darius


His passive and R are BEST COMBO on top

I like him he get a big muscle lol

I wonder who can take Darius.

Pull anybody using your e, hit him with w, press q timely and if the enemy is still hanging around then he has to answer the noxian guillotine.

3. Aatrox


Awesome dude

No champ in this game can out sustain aatrox.

The second best maybe

It is the best champ for top

4. Garen


You just have to wait for your level 6… with proper build and with proper masteries and runes garen is untouchable later on in the game

Most likely you will always see fed Garen. I wonder why? 

He can silence his enemy and silence again with the judgement and DEMACIA! 

Focus upgrading your Q u can get good trades just from poking and wait for your level 6 you will be untouchable 😀

5. Pantheon


With the right builds and good timing q just becomes easy to use 

One of the best snowballers in the game. 

Onr of the best 

Spam Q= ez kill

6. Fiora


The best Fiora is good 

Amazing champ,and hot as well


She’s definitely the strongest top laner out there even if you haven’t mastered her completely.
She fits in with the current meta and has great sustain and very high damage even with all tank items.

7. Shyvana


Hybrid Shyvanna is awesome. specially for top and ganking later in the game.

Titanic Hydra Shyvana is a really good build and I think she’s a better top laner than jungler 

Insane damage output that makes her perfect for top lane. Make a tanky shyvanna and you have a high DPS tank that are so rare in LOL. She doesn’t use mana or energy and her ult comes back on very fast. And boy when she ults, everything about her just multiplies.

8. Gangplank


Most balanced and healthy champion in the game

Because he is the best stacker for me 

Op late game 

I’m trying to learn gp but if anybody wants to help me that would be great my lol name is pugwazzy47 please help me.

9. Jax


The League had to put restrictions on how he fought because he was so good. I mean come on. The guy fights with a lamp post.

Strong all phases of the game, and is a ticking time bomb. Don’t let him get to late game, this guy will surely screw you over.

He fights with a lamppost like come on

If you can kill people with a lamp post you are the coolest champion in the game

10. Renekton


Renekton is really strong because he has a lot of potential to carry and it is very hard to put play a good renekton

King of top lane. Extremely easy to pick up.

First top person I played top and is by far my main, super easy to learn and combos are crazy to dive adc.

He best

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