Top 10 Best Prank Call Ideas

  1. Is Mister Wall there? No. How about Misses Wall? No. Then what’s holding up your ceiling?


Lolz I dialed on *67 to this random person and said:
Me: “Hello, is Mr. Wall there, please? ”
Person: “There is no Mr. Wall here, sorry”
Me: “Can I speak with Mrs. Wall then, please? ”
Person: “Mrs. Wall does not live here. ”
Me: “Well, can I speak with Harry Wall, please? ”
Person: “There is no one here by that name, either. Sorry. ”
Me: “Are there any Walls there? ”
Person: “No, there are no walls here. Sorry. ”
Me: “Then may I ask what’s holding up your house? ”
I was LMAO!

This is so fun my sister and I try it on a lot of people and for some reason they still stay on the phone with us but of course we did change the ending just a teeny bit laugh out loud keep on prankin

haha how funny I tried that they laughed so hard and so did I

It is great

2. Say “Hi this is Jenny from 31 Flavors, if you can name 31 Flavors in 31 seconds you can win 31 thousand dollars, ready go!!” super fast and peppy.


This is amazing. I called a random person and said that and they started screaming. Then they got really mad cause they beat the challenge. I think she was an icecream freak. Then I told her to go to shiver shack and claim her money there. And it worked.

It was awesome! I tried it on a person and at the end she couldn’t even talk, so I just hung up on her!

I tried this and the guy got really mad because he beat the challenge

This is verryy funny

3. Why did you hang up on me?


This is the best, start crying to give it effect :’)

Laugh out loud Super funny

When some one prank call you try to be hook up with them

Me; why did you hang up on me?
Them;i didn’t
also them u call me again I’m going to hurt ya

4. Ask for some random person and then hang up when you are told you have the wrong number. Call back later with a disguised accent, and say you’re [insert name used earlier] and ask if there are any messages for you.


I did this, and this is how it went.

Me: Hey, is this Marc?
Them: Um, no, sorry.
Me: Okay, well, if Marc picks up please tell him I ordered shrimp with anchovies and clam soup. Kay?
Them: Uh, well, sure?
Me: Thank you so so much!

5 min later

Me (english accent): Hello, is this Cam?
Them: No! You have the wrong number!
Me: Excuse me, I’m Marc. Any messages for me?
Them: Er, well, yeah, this guy said he ordered shrimp with anchovies and clam soup so.. ”
Me: THANK YOU did he mention anything about the body?
Them: Body? No. *hangs up*

laugh out loud!

I did this and this is how it went

Hi Jesse
Um this is not Jesse.
Is Jesse there?
No this is a wrong number.
Well when you see him can you tell him that his order for Hawaiian pizza with guava rolls and salami is in
Um ok

1o minutes later

Hey is Pablo there
Are you prank calling me I am called by people randomly
Ok. Thanks for being honest.
Well is Pablo ther?
They ran around the house saying Pablo
My son is not here
Ok I am Jesse
Wait you ordered Hawaiian pizza with guava and um… Salami

This one is fun, but DONT HANG UP when they tell you have the wrong number. Leave a message anyways. Say something like “well if you see FAKE NAME tell him… ” and you make up something random and weird. Its hilarious, sometimes they actually pass the message on.

Me: Hello? Tommy?
Victim: There’s no Tommy, here. I think you have the wrong number.
Me: Oh sorry. But if you see him tell him that I–
Victim: Ok, you’re just pranking me. Goodbye [hangs up]
-20 minutes pass-
Me: Hi. are you Max?
Victim: No, no Maxs here.
Me: Oh. I’m Tommy. Did Max leave any messages for me?
Victim: I think so.
Me: What did he say?
Victim: Oh, I forget. I’ll call you when I remember.
Me: Oh ok. Please try to quickly.
Victim: Alright.
Me: [hang up]

Two minutes later the victim called me.

Victim: Um, hi, is this Max?
Me: Yeah, why?
Victim: Well, I’d like for you to finish your statement from earlier.
Me: Nah, I’m not going to bother.
-2 minutes pass-
Me: What is your home address?
The victim told me his address, for some reason. Then I hung up.

Three minutes later the victim called me.

Victim: Hey, Tommy, so I don’t think I’m going to remember…

5. Claim you are doing a survey and then ask random and hilarious questions.


Okay, that should be good, I’d really like to try that. Like ask things such as this:
“What color is your refrigerator? ”
“Is your room colorful with many ponies and unicorns? ”
And the best, “Will you marry me? ” Then, hang up.

I am definitely going to try this. The reactions I’m going to get are going to be hilarious! I think I’ll make a game out of it and see how many random questions I can ask before they hang up.

I did this on omegle. I tried 2 variations for my school newspaper. I asked the what there name is A. Trey B. Lucile or C. Fred and when they usually said none I hung up. I also delved quite deeply into the worst things people have read on the internet.

Here are a few ideas for questions:
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Can you fly?
Do you own a unicorn?
Does your cat talk?
Will you be my boyfriend? (works even better if victim is a girl)
Can you puke up anchovies?
Where do you hide the bodies of your victims?

6. Ask if they will confirm their order of exotic Mexican dancers for a bachelor party.


I did this, and apparently a ACTUALLY called a dude who was getting married and he started swearing saying “MY WIFE WOULD NEVER DO THAT! WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! ” I swear I was dying!

Nice I may just change it a little bit but sounds HILARIOUS. I will definitely try it out sometime!

Tried this one on my boyfriend earlier t was so funny he was just like ‘what, sorry who is this’ it was jokes anyone who hasnt trie it yet you have got to.


7. Hmm, yes I ordered a pizza an hour ago and I want to know when it’s coming.


Just tried it on some Jamaican dude and he got all upset

Asked my mom this she say she’s at the hospital then laugh her butt off at me while I’m appologising

I did this B4 and the person called us back. The funniest.

so funny

8. Where do babies come from?


Hilarious! The best one I’ve ever heard in my life.

! This should be number 1! Imagine how awkward it would be!…
Me: Excuse me, but where do babies come from?
Random person: Um…who is this?
Me: I’m (insert fake name, just in case).
Random person: Are you a grown-up or a child?
Me: Well, basically, if I’m a grown-up, I’d obviously know where babies come from.
Random person: Why do you want to know?
Me: Well, I just watched The Boss Baby. Have you watched it?
Random person: Um, yeah…?
Me: Good! Anyway, there’s the part where the Boss Baby takes Tim to BabyCorp, and Tim asks, “So this is where babies come from? ” and the baby’s like, “Where did you think? The cabbage patch? Magic fairies? ” and Tim says, “Well, my parents told me that…” and he whispers something to the Boss Baby and the baby’s like, “Eww! Gross! ” I wanna know what Tim whispered. It’s obviously disgusting, judging from the baby’s reaction, but I love disgusting stuff, so I’m asking you. By the way, are You a grown-up.
Random person

! I got my friend, Lily with this and she was like “WHAT?! YOU’RE SO GROSS, BRIGETTE! ” Hilarious! Definitely doing that one again!


9. Say “You are the weakest link” and hang up.


I GOT to try that, that’s really funny. I can just imagine what the person will do when they get that call. (confusion probably)

Hahah this is hilarious! Just tired it out and it was so funny

The doctor who in this is amazing

I NEED to try this.

10. Use a real bad Chinese accent and say “we sell egg rolls! $20 for one egg roll! Egg rolls! egg rolls! You buy egg roll or we hunt you down!”


You could also say “Or we get the NINJAS! “

This one totally made meee laugh out loud. Just imagining a voice on the phone in that Chinese accent all fast like, going all “EGGROLL! EGGROLL! Wee hunt you DOWN! ” That just madness me really want to try this.

Laugh out loud me and my bff tried this and it was so so so funny!


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