Top 10 Best Pokemon GBA Hack Games

  1. Pokemon Light Platinum


The best and the first ROM hack I’ve ever played!

It has 2 new region to explore and also we can face Ash it is totally a beast game

Some might say this one is the best, well I give it a number 3

Best game with world championship and many legendaries to catch including arceus

2. Pokemon Cawps


Liked it. It’s very different than what I previously played games where you just catch and level up and beat some trainers then become a champ while stopping a team who wants to destroy the world or somethin

Is pretty good but not one of the best I’ve played I give it 4 stars


This game is hilarious! I would only recommend it for ages 13 and up, though. You fight rapists, murderers, thiefs, etc. PLAY IT!

3. Pokemon Glazed


Pokemon glazed is the best game I have ever seen.Pokemon glazed have new region and 5 that game has every legendary Pokemon from region 1 to 6.

I could almost say this was a legit Pokemon game. I loved the game, found it better than Light Platinum. It’s not as monotonous as Light Platinum, the pace is very good, you can actually get amazing Pokemon at the start of the game. The plot is very good and the people and setting is awesome. 5/5

I bought this game a while ago and haven’t played it since because at the very beginning once I got into the first forest I saved the game, and I tried to get out and those guys were blocking the way for me to get out and there was no way to go any farther, I was saving it just in case I didn’t catch Mudkip. I saved again when I was right beside mudkip and I didn’t catch him and I turned the game back on and it wouldn’t let me click on him or battle him. I don’t know if it was just the guy who made my hack but I was very dissatisfied with this game for saving reasons. If anybody else has these problems please share

There is SO much wrong with this game that even I can’t explain my views in this little space

4. Pokemon Korosu


How to download

Pokemon Korosu should be at least at 10th place

Go, Go, Go Pokemon Korosu!

Love the story line. Very different from anything I had ever played. Crizzle is an awesome game designer. Recommend this as well as his other two hacks, CAWPS and Outlaw

5. Pokemon Adventures: Red Chapter


The Best! Since I’ve read the manga I’ve felt that was how the anime should’ve been and this hack is just as entertaining.

I read the manga. I loved it. Played this game. Loved it more.

Great Story, the best hack if you like to have more than just caching pokemon and battling gyms


6. Pokemon XYZ


How do download

It’s so super duper game, I am a fan of this game.

I love this too but the game is broken


7. Pokemon Ash Gray


Following the footsteps of anime star ash makes it awesome and certain according to my the best of best hacks

Pokemon ash gray download

Well, after I come out from the ruins where you find aerodactyl the game freezes!

Best for me

8. Pokemon Omega Ruby (Gba)


What there should be download links

How’d to download

Its very great

I am also fan of this game

9. Pokemon Outlaw


What So Low it’s A cool Game…Just Kidding It ain’t Its just a cool boyfriend girlfriend game

Really inappropriate

I played it’s awesome

Played. is good. funny too.

10. Pokemon Eclipse


Where to download?

How do I download?

It has a good plot and graphics. Although I wish more people will know this game more 

I have tried to download this GBA game but whenever I download it, my boy emulator always says unrecognized GBA file!
Can someone give me an idea that how should I download it?

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