Top 10 Best Pokemon Abilities

  1. Wonder Guard


There is absolutely NO reason this should not be number one. (wall of text incoming)

Wonder guard is such a beast if used right… I’m serious. Lets take a look…

Okay, signature ability… hmm, the Pokemon that has it has very weak stats… mew, seems like it will be- WHAT?! IT CANCELS OUT ALL NON-SUPER EFFECTIVE MOVES?

That’s right, if your Pokemon has wonder guard, it will take ABSOLUTELY NO damage from any move that isn’t super effective. Now imagine this on powerful Pokemon… For example, snorlax. Snorlax is pure normal type, so moves that aren’t fighting type will do NOTHING against him. Now take a look at how much of a tank snorlax is. Yup. or Sableye/Spiritomb before gen 6. They didn’t take ANY DIRECT DAMAGE. It does not prevent from indirect damage, but say, if for example clefairy was hacked to have her hidden ability as Wonder guard, and put her typing to dark and ghost… before gen 6, there would be NO WAY of defeating this thing. 

It would be extremely overpowered if pokemon other than shedinja had it. So while it may not be the best ability in practice, theoretically it is by far one of the best defensive abilities in Pokemon.

Automatic snorlax win against it seems like every pokemon that’s not a fighting type but it can work against you with the three mach pokemon


2. Speed Boost


Attacking first in battle is very important. If you are first, you have 2 attacks on the opposing pokemon in the time it has only one attack on you. So you can knock it out before it will be able to do the same to you.

I disagree that this is the best because most Pokemon with this ability are already faster than the opponent on the first turn

Not true. The only viable users with speed boost are blaziken and ninjask. For blaziken, it has a below average base 80 speed that needs the op speed boost. For ninjask, it needs the speed boosts to baton pass it over to another pokemon. 

This is very useful if you like to attack on the first turn. Thank God Mega Blaziken has this ability. 

I hate that when he is not on my team, he just uses protect like he wants to get his way 

It is useful for cuckronaco my made up Pokemon he is a rock flying type but is fast any way but he could become the fastest Pokémon ever

3. No Guard


Moves always hit so use dynamic punch or 1 hit ko move you win every time

Please No guard Machamp and Fissure is not possible
Fissure is only available from Gen 1 and 2 Virtual Console transfer. Thus is can only have its hidden ability. So anyone saying Fissure Machamp has never really tried to get fissure. Of course Dynamic Punch is a good move because you can spread confusion but Fissure No guard Machamp is not possible and I find it very annoying when someone talks about No guard Machamp

I just remember my friend using dig to kill my machamp, and I used dynamic punch, I thought I would lose, but it hit and I won, that was my first experience with the No Guard ability

I agree with this as a good ability but you cannot get a Fissure Machamp. The reason is Machamp could only get fissure in gen 2. Hidden abilities weren’t present in Gen 2 thus its not possible to have no guard fissure machamp

4. Protean


By far the greatest offensive ability in the game. You will always have STAB and that’s great. But wait. If you have a varied move pool, you can also use these moved to your advantage to get the correct type advantage against your opponent so that their attacks are always “not very effective”. It might not be the absolute best but it’s my absolute favorite

This ability works really well if you are faster and have a super effective move, but a weaker type. More Pokemon need this ability.

Do not use super effective moves that will be super effective to you as well, such as a ghost or dragon and using a ghost or dragon move changing into that, and then you’re in a gambit position 

The best offensive skill in pokemon

5. Pure Power


urns Medicham into an absolute beast and makes its Hi Jump Kick into one of the most powerful moves in the game. 

Stop talking about how you used the moove but about what is!

Medicham is our lord and savior. 

Um mega medi is in OU, but it is a great revenge killer it can easily revenge kill the majority of the OU tier with the right predictions. Just to show the damage it can do.
-1 252 Atk Pure Power Medicham-Mega Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 240+ Def Landorus-Therian: 284-336 (74.3 – 87.9%) — guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery (Kills with Fake out)
252 Atk Pure Power Medicham-Mega High Jump Kick vs. 252 HP / 28 Def Tangrowth: 285-336 (70.5 – 83.1%) — guaranteed 2HKO (Chance to kill with Fake out)
252 Atk Pure Power Medicham-Mega High Jump Kick vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Magearna: 313-370 (86.2 – 101.9%) — 18.8% chance to OHKO (Chance to kill with fake out)

The problem with Medicham is its base 100 speed. It dies to some interactions because of its speed.

6. Huge Power


Hack Huge Power (or Pure Power) onto a Slaking. See what happens.

Dude, Azumarill with Huge Power combined with Aqua Tail, Ice Punch, Iron Tail, and Play Rough is beast mode.

Exactly like Pure Power.

When you see a pokemon with huge/pure power, you will immediatly forfeit

7. Poison Heal


This ability restores 1/8th of your heath at the end of every turn that you are poisoned. Though the only pokemon that can have this ability are the Breloom line and Gliscor it is still very useful (especially because ORAS made breloom relevant again). The toxic orb will inflict poison on the pokemon holding it, and Breloom can learn through egg moves and level up drain punch(with STAB) and leech seed respectively. Its low health and defense make pulling off the combo difficult but if you can land leech seed and spam drain punch you are immortal. 

Combine this with a breloom with Spore. Now try not to laugh when your opponent flips you off

Poison heal is one of the best strategy moves. 

toxic orb
leech seed
mach punch
you lose

8. Moxie


Can be very effective if many Pokemon need to be taken out however you should watch out for strong attacks against you

Kind of lame that it rewards you AFTER you knock out a pokemon, then they switch in with a pokemon you are weak to

Moxie ia a great ability with a beneficial attribute. Imagine killing a Pokemon and suddenly increasing a level in Attack? Ever kill makes you stronger, potentially making you invincible.

I like Moxie, but I also like Beast Boost. That boosts your highest stat, and if you use something like Celesteela, it will boost your special attack after each kill

9. Levitate


I strongly agree, I raised a tynamo with levitate and made a KILLING MACHINE! It swept a team of a few ARCEUS! They all kept on using earthquake on me it was such a good Pokemon I definitely suggest it

SO op. Rotom is a beast with it. And because of it he is immune to 3 types.

Ground type moves wont hit

Why is this just 21?
It’s great ability, like Sap Sipper!
Sure, some pokemon with this ability have resistances to ground type (Carnivine).
But still, isn’t free immunity great?

Unless it’s Fan Rotom.

10. Illusion


No you put a fighting type in the last slot so when a psychic move is used it’s not effective, then you can at least swords dance twice with a focus sash 

Super troll, hack it on something with absorb and you have something OP 

Not everyone spends their time not playing the game without effort 

Its as good as a slice of pizza

This is super OP. Lets say you have a zoroark/zorua and then you have a fighting type and it illusions it so the trainer will switch to s PSYCHIC poke and you could send out a Pokemon that’s super effective against it. also, THIS SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 10 NOT TOP 40

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