Top 10 Best Minecraft Mini-Games

  1. Hunger Games


It good for playing with a lot of friends

The original and the most intense game that requires luck

I can never get tired of this game. It is so fun and adds a lot to Minecraft


2. Hide and Seek


Fun, probably the hardest mini-game ever created

The fact that you need to pick the right spot to blend in as much as possible is important, as well as luck, hoping the seeker doesn’t realize he’s in front of a hider. Quite the intensity!

I love it, I made it for my server 247 new people joined in 1 day!

It’s so fun!

3. Cops and Robbers


This is THE BEST ONE! My Opinion

If your playing with the right people and you can communicate good its by far the best. The map also has to good enough though. My favorite by far.

Cops and robbers are awesome in my opinion

What is the sever address

4. The Walls


This game requires much more strategy than luck. It should be number two! The only one in my opinion that might be better is hunger games

You get a few peaceful moments while waiting for the walls to come down tehn they come down without you knowing and bam your dead


It’s a good game but I literally have to face the lack of food and and suicide operations

5. Skywars


A strategy is to use a snowball to knock opponents while there Void-building.

I like this game because you can take your time but at the same time you can’t… If your in the middle island you are under a lot of stress when you search all the chests for gear… I like it because it is so easy and fun to knock players of and I love the island idea… 8.5 out of 10

Sky wars is a fun mini game but its hard because people got bows eggs and snowballs this probably be the most hardest Minecraft mini game ever and infant I play cube craft server and I think if I tried a new Minecraft skyward server I think it will be a little easy.But its fun is because you are on a island and trying to destroy people islands but its really hard

Its just fun

6. Super Craft Brothers


Fun, Best PVP game ever

I love this game I always choose the spider.

Best game ever! Go super smash bros brawl


7. Capture the Flag


Great game – very fun! Fun to run around, trying to get the flag without being killed!

Awesome! My YouTube channel is going to have lots of this!

It’s a great game in my opinion I just love it 😀

hi noobs

8. Spleef


The traditional version of splegg

Spleef is a fast paced yet laid back mini-game, it’s perfect

Spleef has always been my favorite, the hunger games is my second. But dang is this game a classic, it’s fun. Exciting. And people don’t get too mad when they lose. 

I tried it on a server and many people liked it!

9. Battle Dome


Prove which group is superior in combat in factions, without losing anything but bragging rights, worth it

It sucks major Belly 

Only other people’s 

MAYBE ONE OF BEST GAMES EVER MADE <3 But only one – is that:
Its 1% chanche to found plugin of this 😛

10. The Blocking Dead


Really cool game especially with resource packs and guns created using command blocks. Coo in multiplayer when looting other players becomes a priority. This should be at the top but I guess not too many people like it.

One of my favorite games!

I can never find this game on servers. It seems to be a cool game, as far as I can see.

Hai dis game name is what

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