Top 10 Best Homepages

  1. Google


Homepage of Google is easy but how to make it on my computer?

Best homepage you can ever have. everything is at your fingertips.

Easy, reliable and recognisable. Used it for ages and not planning to change anytime soon. A perfect starting point for any web user.

It’s just so convenient



Nice selection of information items offering many directional options

Simple homepage that has all of the best links. No advertisements, a clean look, and useful for me at work or at home.

It’s the best homepage ever! Seriously, everything that all the other sites have, various options of search engines and news/mail sites, etc. But it also has really cool links behind the banner, which doesn’t just change everyday, but changes every single time you reload the page!

Why would you have Google, a search engine, with no extra links or news or suggestions, be your homepage, when here you can choose between several search engines, including Google, and have instant links to every major shopping, social, and news network? People who put a simple search engine as their homepage seriously lack imagination and/or curiosity.

Really helpful. Useful links without misleading ads and political bias. Thanks

3. Yahoo


The new Yahoo homepage is just TERRIBLE!

I’ve been using it for about 14 to 15 years and I can’t look at it. They offer NO customization and NO way to go back.

See ya’ Yahoo.

Absolutely! And they are obviously politically leaning and post some of the most outrageous garbage I have ever read. They had problems with everything under the sun and refused to repair the problems. So, bye bye Yahoo for me too!

Just switched to Google from YAHOO! (D). Couldn’t stand the Statist propaganda anymore.

Yahoo… what a joke. Yahoo has become nothing more than a billboard of advertisements mixed with ‘run-of-the-mill’ editorials to attract attention to even more billboard advertisements. It’s a money sink!

This page sucks. They are always adding popup items that are down right annoying!+263

It sucks! SO. MUCH. ADS.

4. Bing


You learn and see something interesting everyday, it’s pro!

Bing works well for me with the exception of the bottom of the page which seems to be loaded with reports from liberal blogs. You see what seems an interesting article and you end up on some shady blog. Most likely because they are associated with MSN. Unless you like that kind of crap it comes up short.

changes pictures every day, its beast

Its good

5. My Perfect Internet


Here I have my favorite links there on the homepage, my choice, and a button to a page where the rest of my customized favorites links are.

The best thing about that is I can access them from any computer even if it is not mine – no need to worry about not having them in a browser menu or not being able to access them because I am on someone else’s computer.

All of my content I choose to display like the games of my choice, my private email, my own social community where I have all my clubs and blogs. I set my own news feeds so I can see at a glance if there are any important articles of my interest.

The ads are non-intrusive and many are from people I know. I have buttons to access all the rest of my favorite places to go, everything in one place, nice!

It is better experienced than explained. Whatever may be ones occupation, the perfect Internet is there to organize your so satisfactorily. From student to professor, from low class worker to top class, or whatever businessman or businesswoman, politician, etc. Simply take a tour and see for yourself. I love the perfect Internet.

My Perfect Internet is just amazing – I can say that because I use it everyday and with the amazing platforms they have My Perfect Internet is going to really appeal to the public more and more as they have the best privacy & security I have ever seen for a company that is member driven.

Truly a great safe place to get around the internet in the knowledge that my data will be safe because they DO NOT keep any DATA on file at all!

With everything in one place I can go anywhere with peace of mind it’s just an amazing place to be.

I use Perfect Internet every day. It’s a one site where I get everything that I normally do on the internet. They have lots of sites that internet users can use depending on their interests. I always download their free ebooks every week.

I play free games for relaxation or to test my brain. They have lots of sites that they have that I use and I know other internet users would be interested in, example, their safe search engine without getting our ISP recorded, email server, free deal points that you can get to use to purchase free products, free prizes and cash jackpot, talent contest for musicians, etc. and once a year a Live Event for the winner and he/she is given free album, free limo ride and hotel stay, cash, etc. Perfect Internet site has everything for every person and I enjoy using it.

Yes, just like you I’m with My Perfect Internet 24/7… Excellent Website

The most biased news on the net…they should be ashamed!

6. Kadaza


From my testing of Kadaza I am finding the more I use it, the more engaging and enticing it becomes. There are customization features available such as creating a background and customizing your own tiles..

I absolutely LOVE this home page. It’s quick, user friendly a no ads! Love the colors, the overview and the comprehensive web directory covering alsmost any subject. You can also personalize th start page in a few simple steps.

Also, you don’t need to register to use the customization features., which is pretty unique. I am using it as my daily start up page for years now, and I’ll keep using it. Also my wife loves Kadaza. It’s safe, easy and fast. My recommendation: make kadaza your homepage for a fast Internet browsing experience!

This is a great way to find the best websites on any subject

Makes my internet life easier. Love the way its laid out.



The amount of advertisement is absolutely disgusting. You can’t open ANY news story without sitting through a shameless advertisement first and there isn’t even an option to “skip”. Absolutely disgusting and I won’t use this this site again.

Their “New Look” is the last straw. I put up with the ads which were longer than the news item. I learned to ignore the “News items which only initiated a “Bing Search”. Now this new layout is just too much for me.

I couldn’t agree more. The new layout is awful and I also can’t get it in English anymore – I live in Germany. There is supposed to be a way to change that but haven’t found it yet.

If it’s not broke don’t fix it. Your new format stinks, it’s a mess. I have my own bookmark bar. I don’t need yours. Searching for a new home page. I’ve permanently signed out of your services; no longer needed… !

MSN has stopped working with Mozzilla’s Firefox. A banner now appears at the top of MSN’s mostly blank homepage, stating that I must replace my “ad blocker” in order to restore content. MSN must go bye-bye



This where I go whenever I want to hide porn searches from my husband

Fair play to it, it’s like the site knows all my Bookmarks

One of the fastest pages I have ever seen. Simple and easy to access linking lot of websites

Getting suggestion to browse useful websites thru Am curious to know about the reason behind 444.

“404 – Disconnected Link, 444 – Connecting Link”

9. hCHOO


Amazing site for Homepage! You can search different search engines with one click without it being too cluttered. Also, you can JOIN free and save your favorites/bookmarks online and access them anywhere.

This saves so much time when navigating the internet. You can even customize the colors, order, organize, etc

It really is the BEST HOMEPAGE in 2013! I highly recommend it to everyone.+39

JOIN free and you can save your links online and access them anywhere, anytime. You can also customize this Homepage! It’s free and easy to use. Also, search on any search engine with one click.

Just type what you’re searching for and click the search engine you want! FREE and EASY to use. JOIN and find out for yourself.+27

Google WAS my favorite homepage, but is now number one. Simplicity of Google, no random news, clean and most importantly allows me to search multiple places from one place.

I can also save all my favorites/bookmarks and access them from any device. This is a great idea for a landing page… My new homepage is hchoo! Nice name too+28

Hchoo has been my homepage for several years and I loved it, 2 months ago they started charging a fee to use it I was willing to pay 1.99 a month because I felt it was worth it, and I had acquired so much while using it.

But ever since they have been charging I have had nothing but trouble, getting my original page back, it some times will show up for a short time and then be gone.

Another gripe is I have sent them messages telling them what is wrong, I have messaged they every day, but have never got a response, meanwhile for 2 months I have basically paid for NOTHING.

The last two messages I asked for a refund on those 2 months and of course no response…I am so disappointed in how this is being handled so I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PAGE.

I am searching for a New page hate to leave it as I truly did love it but can’t keep putting up with my page not showing, and there lack of response, and not refunding for those 2 month…

10. AOL.Com


AOL homepage is terrible. Huffington Post is their news provider, some of their writers need to go back to school to learn grammar and punctuation. Their headlines are almost always misleading, and now they have an ad banner that is a short clip that plays automatically and is more than just a little irritating. I’ve used AOL for as long as I’ve had internet service and am looking for a better home page.

AOL homepage is a biased left wing job. Lately they changed the appearance of the page and it is cluttered but overly simplistic, almost like its aimed at grade school children.

Horrible layout that seems to be redesigned just to be redesigned. It offers nothing new except for annoying ads, a confusing and misguided attempt to be edgy and no customization ability. I left MSN for the same reasons but at least they have an option to remove feeds you aren’t interested in. Not sure who I’ll go to next but I won’t be staying with AOL.

After many years I have decided I had enough; previous comments hit the nail on the head!

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