Top 10 Best Abridged Anime Series

  1. Dragon Ball Z Abridged


Should be Number 1

We here at team four star do not condone child violence. We do, however, find it hilarious. 

The ending of the cell games has made the series sooo much more amazing then it ever has been! Like Goku was actually smart at the end!?! Who could have called that out! No one, cause we all that he as dumb as crap! 

True Goku:”eat that hhhorse…”

2. Sword Art Online Abridged


Honestly, this show is even better than the canon show. It’s characters are more likable, and the bonds created between the characters are much more believable, and less forced. Not to even mention the humor in the series, which is absolutely perfect. This series deserves to be closer to the top of the list, as it gives us a better series than what we were given in the first place (in my opinion.)

WATCH IT! You don’t even need to see the original show, in fact I would recommend not seeing the actual show. Kirito is not a bland character in this series and the story makes more sense and of course it’s got humour. Season 1=11 Episodes about 15 minutes per episode and the finale is 35 minutes. Seriously watch it.

Most abridged anime end up being an incoherent jumble of inappropriate jokes, but SAO Abridged is absolutely amazing. I was blown away by its characters, humor, and plot so much so that I enjoy it more than even some of my favorite anime. It’s hard to appreciate the original series because of this. 

The series is still going on but the way the character have dynamic and an actual development is truly amazing. They make connections to characters that were just thrown away and use them throughout the series. Kirito is a likeable character. He hates people but soon has a heart for them at the end. They show how Kirito is just a normal teenager that’s not experienced a perfect life and makes the storyline fit together and make sense. They make Asuna look better with her Yandere but Tsundere side. I can’t help but fall in love the the messed up *ss and the b*tch in the abridged. I can watch this over and over again and never get bored of it. “Winners don’t use drugs. They use steroids. In which you should use lots of drugs”.

3. Yu-gi-oh Abridged


They always have original jokes and references that aren’t to obscure. They are also amazing at keeping running gags throughout the episodes. Plus Yugioh is Life

Fun jokes that are fun from the beginning and callback that make them even funnier! I tried watching many different abridges series but none of them could reach that level of humour right from the get-go! 

First abridged series. Funny story, catchphrases, and characters. The show is able to make the stale seasons and episodes of Yugioh hilarious. 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged is great! I love how they use actual dialog from the English Show to make fun of 4Kids Entertainment(because 4Kids sucks), and they use it to kind of make the plot or event funnier! I was laughing so hard at episode 25 when Téa sung “Something There” from Beauty and the Beast, but when it was Yami’s turn to sing, he made the song sooo much funnier! Yu-Gi-Oh! is life, and so is it’s own abridged series.

Fun Fact: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series was the first ever abridged series, beginning in 2006.

4. Naruto: The Abridged series


‘And I’m Gaara. Of the FUNK.’+1

5. 50% Off


I love this abridged series. I tried searching for other abridged series but none were as good as this. This is just gold!

I’ve watched this so many times and shown it to so many appreciative people… 

Watched the whole thing twice in a row 

Thugisa. that’s it that’s the comment

6. Danganronpa Abridged Thing 


Extremely creative with its content and wisecracks, this hilarious take on the Danganronpa animation lasted only about half of the actual series but still enough to leave the viewers bashing their heads and fists against their desks laughing. The abridged voicing is well done and the characters themselves are a little too true to their individual backgrounds or hilariously updated for the viewers’ amusement. Overall a funny abridged series worth watching if you’re fans of the Danganronpa franchise.

The voice acting is good, but over all it was meh. 

They made Maizono speak in Weebanese & changed Naegi’s talent to the “Super Duper High School Screams-Like-A-Bitch.” This series is a masterpiece.

7. Hellsing Ultimate Abridged


This should be #1 on this list, it isn’t long for a finished 10 episode abridged but it’s the funniest damn abridged with the best voice acting I think I’ve ever heard from an abridged series! 

I love most of the others on this list, especially Sword Art Online abridged, but this one is just so perfect. It was my first abridged series and it’s still my favorite! 

This will always be by far my favorite, with SAO abridged and codeMENT being close behind. It evolves so much from the first to last episode and the characters are all hilarious. And it’s not afraid to keep serious moments serious 

Amazing. The first abridged show I watched, and I’m addicted to it.

8. Friendship is Witchcraft


Loved by some and hated by others. This is a parody series based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and only lasted 9 episodes.

Not an anime

9. Pokemon ‘Bridged


“Venomoth has evolved into Golbat to confuse our enemy! ” – Koga (Pokemon ‘Bridged) 

This is number 1, whatever that means… 

The Greatest Reboot of a Series Ever! Episode #1 has become my defacto YouTube video I ask my son’s to watch with me to celebrate “It’s my Birthday? ” – BobGoliath, The Hamlet of Selden, Long Island USA. 

“Hey Rudy, I challenje u to a battul! ” – Ash Ketchum (Pokemon ‘Bridged) {The spelling errors are how he pronounces it}

10. A Slap On Titan


The humour is priceless on this abridged series. Highly recommend to watch it. (Sarge’s epic rant segment is a classic)

Extremely hilarious. Those who have watched the real anime Attack on Titan need to see this parody. Characters who you might not have liked in the actual series become your most loved in this abridged. The lists of references this abridged shares is too many to count.

I swear I never liked Armin, but having him as a messed up person with sick desires as well as wishing to be a dark overlord is just priceless. Also, Pastor Nick is bada** going savage on Mikasa.

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